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InfAct - Information for Action

InfAct (Information for Action) is the new Joint Action on Health Information. It is a 36 months project funded by the European Commission. It will build on the BRIDGE Health project and other initiatives in health information which covered major EU health policy areas based on the past experience of European project on indicators.

The project was launched in March 2018. It includes 40 partners in 28 countries.

THE MISSION of InfAct is to build an improved EU health information system infrastructure and strengthen its core elements.

THE VISION of InfAct is to better use data and expertise through this health information system infrastructure for a healthier Europe.

THE GOAL of InfAct is to strengthen national and EU health information systems by:

       1. Establishing a sustainable research infrastructure which will support population health and health system performance assessment,

       2. Strengthening European health information and knowledge bases and health information research capacities to reduce health information inequalities,

       3. Supporting health information interoperability and innovative health information tools and data sources.


The Euro-Peristat contribution involves:

- Supporting the conceptualization of domain specific nodes within a future sustainable health information system (WP7)

- Transferring information about indicators, data transfer protocols, quality control and reporting from the Euro-Peristat network (WP8)

- Analysis to develop new indicators of maternal and child health using routine administrative databases (WP9)

- Work to promote sustainable indicators including work to integrate indicators within Eurostat (WP9)


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Euro-Peristat participates in the InfAct project, the new Joint Action on Health Information. 

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