The objective of the Euro-Peristat Network is to establish a high quality, innovative, internationally recognized and sustainable European perinatal health information system. This system’s goal is to produce data and analysis on a regular basis for use by national, European and international stakeholders who make decisions about the health and health care of pregnant women and newborns.

Euro-Peristat began in 1999 as part of the EU's Health Monitoring Programme and now has official representation from 29 countries across Europe and a large network of contributing experts.

We developed a list of recommended indicators for perinatal health surveillance. Data on mothers' and babies' health status and care in Europe from 2000 to 2010 have been the basis of many scientific publications. We published the first European Perinatal Health Report in 2008 and our second European Perinatal Health Report was published in May 2013.

The project is coordinated by Inserm, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, in Paris. The project receives funding from the European Commission Directorate for Health and Food Safety. We are part of the BRIDGE Health Project to promote sustainable health reporting in Europe.

We have been featured as one of the 20 successful projects funded by the EU Health Programmes; read more about us here.